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The Grit of Graphite

My High School student, Sho Kawano took my breath away with these gritty drawings.   The first few days in the classroom with Sacramento Waldorf Seniors focus some of our time on the concept of drawing for information during their note taking as we combine a ton of architectural concepts into this very compressed 4o hour/one month class.

Sho was able to capture the essence of the Pantheon in Rome (circa 117 A.D.) and also a good feel for details such as the coffering in the ceiling as he drew his cross-section.  Notice also that he got a sense of the site by showing that fountain in the foreground.  He was a bit rough in the detail at the columns (40′ tall solid Egyptian marble) by not showing the bases or capitals but that is just fine since he got so much in.  Below is a drawing that I showed the students in class of the same building.

This Drawing of Stuyvesent Town in New York is so passionate and totally captures the feel of the place.  Note the strong vertical strokes and the way his pencil was searching for the shapes and then firming up when he found them.  So cool that he got the Empire State Building in the background, once again placing the subject in context.  Contrast is so vital to a lively drawing in architecture, it can convey its own hierarchical message in the image.


The Architectural Adventures Of Saxon Sigerson

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