A Mysterious Little Santa Cruz, CA Building

Santa Cruz, CA church

I discovered this building while cruising Santa Cruz looking for some architectural entertainment.  The front elevation is pretty straight forward but come around the north side and whoah!  There is this cut away at an angle where the roof stays straight and the wall is angled back.

Santa Cruz, CA church

I love the little opening in the front elevation that takes you through to this funny space.  It is a little like the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole.  Except that the reality seems to be the same on each side of the threshold.  There was a service going on inside and I was not able to see the impact of the outside geometry on the plan.  I love imagining the decisions that went into this building’s design.  Who made the call to create this geometry and what was the reaction when that idea was shared with others?  Then what did people say when they saw the finished building?  I make no assumptions that it was an architect involved here although if you look at the symmetrical, hierarchical composition of the arch top window and the two rectangular side windows,  there is clearly some design sensibility at work.  So many questions!  This one is on the list for future research.


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